Every Human Needs to Know (The Name of Our Creator)


Want to know what significant truth was removed from the Bible?  Anyone who is interested in what the Bible originally said will be captivated by this book.   The key to the whole Bible is unearthed in this new book EVERY HUMAN NEEDS TO KNOW (The Name of Our Creator). 2,200 years ago, west of the Dead Sea, a group of Israelites hid copies of the scriptures in the Qumran caves.  They are known as the Dead Sea Scrolls, the oldest known manuscripts of the Bible.   About the same time period, the Word was translated into Greek – but they still kept the Name of Yahweh written in Hebrew 6,823 times throughout the text, unchanged.  These documents are sources of reference for this book.  The message is powerful and life changing! 

Author: Patricia Snipes


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