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A Declaration of Inter-Dependence (Seeing Eye to I)
  • A Declaration of Inter-Dependence (Seeing Eye to I)

A Declaration of Inter-Dependence (Seeing Eye to I)


Author: Brande Watson 


Many believe that minor physical differences between people groups are indications of much deeper distinctions in character, in aptitude, in intelligence or even ability. 

Witness, in this book, real life heroes and sheroes who made sacrifices to help move the needle forward on race relations in America. Of course, the ripples reverberate outward. 

See that the Wiley College debate team (featured in the movie ‘The Great Debaters’ with Denzel Washington) was an example of how young people could make a difference. 

See how every culture has had enlightened individuals that helped to move humanity along. 

See how the Bahá'í Faith played a role in the lives of some leaders who promote unity; and how it continues to be influential in the present day. 

Brande Watson’s insight can help to illuminate our understanding of our oneness, and more importantly our inter-dependence as a race. The human race.

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