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Birth Days (Stories of women who turned difficult beginnings into glorious lives)

By Carol Massey

Birth Days is an engaging book filled with rich characters who faced many life struggles. It is a compilation of captivating narratives. Each heart-warming story surrounds a unique birth. Journey through these  five memorable tales of love, lust, longing, loneliness and triumph.

                                                                                                              $18.99 + shipping  CLICK THIS LINK TO BUY

Despite the circumstances around each birth, each is an opportunity to create a beautiful life and to offer special gifts to the world. We come to know these characters & celebrate their triumphs!

The Navigator's Compass, by Barbara Soutar

A life of deep contentment, immovable peace, and abundant beauty is also a life of balance in motion. To embark upon a journey to create such a life requires a compass – a tool for discerning where we are, as well as, what direction to move toward in order to reach our destination. Just as we use a compass when we leave a designated hiking trail to explore the beauty of an outer wilderness, we can also use a compass to leave the well worn, inner trails of our minds in order to discover and explore the gentle flame of our hidden hearts within.

            The Navigator's Compass contains such a tool that, through the clear prose of essays and the emotional images of ‘poem–prayers’, moves the reader from a linear, analytical view to a circular, all inclusive view of oneself, one's life, and one's journey. In this process it is revealed that we are bigger than we thought, more powerful than we ever dreamed, and that we are aided and supported by the Universe in ways we were afraid to hope for.

In From The Dark, by Crystal McCoy     

A compelling auto-biography unveiling the experiences of Charmayne; a young woman who endured so much yet triumphed in amazing ways.  We follow this heroine as she is confronted with painful challenges and has to figure out how not to deal with it on her own. It often seems to be too much to bear so she reaches out to her closest friends Jasmine, Noelle and later Dani; not realizing that they too have obstacles they are battling to get through.  With much determination and support of one another, they vow to make it.

This tale shows us the intricacies of these women who have come from different walks of life but share a common denominator; being hurt in some way.  Through their resolve, inspiration, poetry and song; these ladies make huge strides towards coming in from the darkness and staying out. Often you can’t explain things that take place in your life, until you study what has happened before you.  Charmayne and her sister Tashina would find this to be true, even if it meant getting to the root of where it all began… their Mother.  

 Every Human Needs to Know (The Name of Our Creator), by Patricia Snipes

Want to know what significant truth was removed from the Bible?  Anyone who is interested in what the Bible originally said will be captivated by this book.   The key to the whole Bible is unearthed in this new book EVERY HUMAN NEEDS TO KNOW (The Name of Our Creator). 2,200 years ago, west of the Dead Sea, a group of Israelites hid copies of the scriptures in the Qumran caves.  They are known as the Dead Sea Scrolls, the oldest known manuscripts of the Bible.   About the same time period, the Word was translated into Greek – but they still kept the Name of Yahweh written in Hebrew 6,823 times throughout the text, unchanged.  These documents are sources of reference for this book.  The message is powerful and life changing! 



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