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Thankful For My Gifts


Thankful For My Gifts-Description


Early readers enjoy a book for kids, by a kid.  Five year old J. Snipes writes about being thankful for many blessings he has received from on high.  He wrote the story himself and drew the pictures.  J. Snipes called his book:  THANKFUL FOR MY GIFTS.

About the author:  J. Snipes is a kindergarten student who has been writing stories since he was only 3.  Finally at age 5, his mom decided it was time to share these tales with the world.  This story inspires families and communities to get back to foundational and fun activities that promote a sense of security and wellbeing.  It also speaks about acknowledging many of the things we take for granted are really things to appreciate and be thankful for.  (Ages 4-7)

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