When & Where

Registration Forms are available until September 18, 2009 via this website or through your Atlanta City Pblic School.  The Schools will have paper registration forms in the media centers from August 18, 2009- September 17, 2009.

Young Authors' Challenge

Who Can Participate

City of Atlanta Students:


Category 1     First and Second Graders


Category 2     Third and Fourth Graders


Category 3     Fifth and Sixth Graders


Category 4     Seventh and Eighth Graders


Category 5     Ninth and Tenth Graders


Category 6     High School Juniors and Seniors


All entries must be in English

All entries must have a clear beginning, middle, and end.


Stories must be original and must not have been published elsewhere.


The subject is to be fiction.


Only one submission per student will be accepted.


All entries must be typed.


No obscene or inappropriate language or subject matters.


Participant’s name, address, telephone number must appear on the Registration Form only and not

on the manuscript itself, to ensure anonymity and fairness.


The child’s parent, or guardian must sign the Registration Form.


The decision of the judges is final.


The best way to become a better writer is to write.  The purpose of the Pure Heart Young Authors Challenge is to acknowledge and reward your good writing skills and to provide you with an opportunity to see your work in "print".  Pure Heart Publishing is urging budding young authors to develop and sharpen your writing skills.

The Pure Heart Young Authors' Challenge is a “challenge” rather than a “contest” because it emphasizes the personal standard to which you hold yourself.  It is not a competition amongst your peers.  And what an extraordinary blessing it would be to start with a personal challenge that will result in gifts and prizes and maybe even seeing your book professionally printed and published and ready for bookstores!