Celebrate Your Accomplishment



Participants and families will be honored at the Semi-Formal Awards Ceremony to celebrate the efforts of all the Pure Heart Young Authors Challenge participants!

Young Authors' Challenge Awards


There are 6 categories from 1st to 12th grades - each category with a 1st & 2nd place winner.

◊ All participants are celebrated for their efforts - exciting gifts & the Young Authors’ Toolkit for their

    age group.

◊ Category winners receive Six Flags season passes, toys or cash.

◊ The overall grand prize winner will have his/her book published for FREE; have their book listed

    on the Pure Heart Publishing and Barnes & Noble websites; and many other marketing benefits that

    are designed to help them earn income from their book sales.



Participants receive a signed copy of either Thankful For My Gifts by J. Snipes III for early readers or The Fantastical Adventures of Sleepy Steve, by Deronte Smith for ages 8 and 9, older kids receive I Am A Father, by David Manuel or Every Human Needs To Know by Patricia Snipes.


Grand Prize

    Your book published for free!

*    A beautiful custom cover design                         

*       Professional editing and layout

*       Registered ISBN

*       Author copyright

*       Set with the most authoritative database in the US:  Bowker

*       Professional marketing plan

*       Books will be produced in soft cover format

*       Author retains all rights to book

*       The author is provided with 10 free personal copies of their book at first printing

*       The book will be available for sale on PureHeartPublisher.com & BarnesAndNoble.com generating sales and income for the author!

Have fun writing!